Pathways Community Hub Certification Program


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The Pathways Community HUB Certification Program includes the involvement of the following experts:


  • Executive Director, provides programmatic and operational oversight and direction of the certification program.

  • Certification Assessors, who are trained on the reliability of the PCHCP standards, required documentation to demonstrate HUB compliance with the standards, data collection tools, and procedures for recommending certification status to the Evaluation Review Panel. Certification Assessors conduct site visits of Community HUBs seeking certification, conduct site visits, develop HUB Action Plan Agreements, and recommend to the Evaluation Review Panel the eligibility of the HUB for certification.

  • Evaluation Review Panel, is an interdisciplinary panel of professionals who review all documentation summaries and recommendations prepared by the Certification Assessor. Evaluation Review Panel Members conduct independent reviews and participate in consensus-based decision-making processes to determine certification status and level.

  • Senior Advisors are interdisciplinary professionals who lend technical expertise and recommended enhancements to the certification standards, assessment process, and training needs of HUBs to improve compliance with the standards.

  • Developers of the Pathways Community HUB Model ensure the alignment of the certification standards with the elements of the HUB Model.

  • Guidance Council collectively shares unique public and private sector perspectives that are relevant to the HUB certification process. They review documents, react to relevant strategies, and provide technical advice on tools, products, and processes in support of the certification process. Guidance Council members, however, do not participate in decision-making processes that determine a Community HUB’s certification status.

Below is an organizational chart of the program.



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