Pathways Community Hub Certification Program


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Acquiring PCHCP Certification encompasses a series of action steps that begin with understanding the Pathways Community HUB Model. The process continues through assessment and determination of certification eligibility, and certification designation.

Several documents are available on the website that highlight action steps for HUBs. Click on the appropriate link to learn more about the specific action steps that you should take if you: 1) are a new applicant, 2) have provisional status, or 3) have been determined ineligible for a certification designation. Also review conditions for revoking certification status.

While many of the documents are readily accessible on the PCHCP web site; community networks that are interested in HUB certification should feel free to request a consultation by sending an email inquiry to A comprehensive Pathways Community HUB Manual will soon be available for community networks that are interested building community HUBs.

Meanwhile, It is highly advisable that community networks:

  • Review the certification requirements
  • Request technical assistance
  • Conduct a self-assessment to determine the documentation needed by your HUB to demonstrate compliance with the Pathways Community HUB Perquisites and Standards.
  • Review the Certification Action Steps for HUB certification prior to preparing and submitting an application.
  • Prepare an application along with the Review Form and all related attachments for submission to the Pathways Community HUB Certification Program at


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